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Planning a hen do

The bridesmaid’s guide to planning a hen do

Almost as important as the wedding itself, a lot of planning goes into a bride’s hen party. It’s usually up to the chief bridesmaid to plan the hen do, so if you’ve been given this honour recently and you’re struggling with where to start, here are some top tips for planning a hen do.

Location, location, location

Your very first step in planning a hen do is probably to decide on a location for the hen party – are you going to be planning a trip abroad, a weekend away, or is just a day or evening? Remember to take into account what the bride wants, who she would like to invite and the budget of the guests. There’s no point planning an extravagant hen do to Ibiza or Las Vegas if no one can afford to come.

Set up a WhatsApp group

Getting people together is quite difficult, so creating a WhatsApp group for the guests to keep in touch will be really helpful, especially as there may be people invited to the hen do that you don’t really know or have never even met. Chatting in this way will help you to make decisions based on what everyone wants and keep track of the plans.

Games and props

Have a think about what you’re going to do during the hen party – will you be dancing all night at a club or chilling all day at the spa? Either way, you’re probably going to want to bring some games and props along to add even more fun to the proceedings. Popular games include “I have never” (with or without drinks!), truth or dare, and Mr and Mrs, but there are some more inventive games that you can play too.

Try writing a list of items that the bride has to collect during the party (think things like a fancy dress hat or a lip balm) or a list of words that the bride can’t say during the party and the punishment for saying any of them is either a shot or a forfeit.

Consider the bride when thinking about props – would she love L plates and willy straws, or would she prefer something more up-market and classy?

Set a budget

Weddings can be super expensive, for both the couple and the guests and so you might want to discuss budgets with everyone who’s going to attend the party to make sure that everyone’s on the same page and that there are no surprises when it gets to the day.

No matter what you decide to do when planning a hen do, make sure that your bride has an amazing time and a hen party that she will remember forever.