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Bridesmaid proposal

5 bridesmaid proposal ideas

You’ve just got engaged and it’s time to start wedding planning. You’d love to walk down the aisle surrounded by your best gal pals, but how to ask them? These days the bridesmaid proposal is almost as important as the actual proposal – after all you want your special girls by your side for the best day of your life. To give you some inspo, here are five bridesmaid proposal ideas…

1. Bridesmaid survival box

Treat your bride tribe to a box full of goodies that you’ve thoughtfully chosen in preparation for the wedding day (and hen do!). Think face masks, mini bottles of prosecco, sweets and a photo of the two of you together.

2. Bridesmaid proposal puzzle

You can buy customisable jigsaws online at stores like Etsy and giving your maids a puzzle will keep them guessing until the very end. When they slot the pieces together they’ll see your bridesmaid proposal.

3. Bridesmaid coat hangers

Bridesmaid and maid of honour coat hangers are available for your bride squad to hang their beautiful bridesmaid dresses on for the big day. Present them with these as the proposal and they can keep them to hang their own dresses on after the wedding day.

4. A bunch of flowers

Get your maids-to-be a mini bouquet each with a personalised note asking them the all important question. You could even choose flowers in the colours of the bouquets for your actual wedding day – if you’ve decided on those yet.

5. A traditional card

If your squad is more low-key, you may opt for a more relaxed proposal and a traditional card is as good a way as any to propose to the special girls in your life. Personalise each one with a message about why they’d make the perfect bridesmaid and then fill the envelope with confetti.

Whatever you decide to ask your friends with, it’s a good idea to get all the girls together for a swish dinner, or a girlie night in to celebrate and discuss all things weddings. Just make sure there are plenty of snacks and bubbles on hand, and maybe watch Bridesmaids to get them in the mood too!

Now you’ve got your perfect bridesmaid proposal and your bride squad in place, it’s time to choose their dresses for your big day. Nora Eve Bridal has got you covered, so book an appointment with your besties to get their bridesmaid look sorted.